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There are two workshops in total.The first workshop has 6 non-woven fabrics machines,including two 1.6 meter’s wild, one 1.7 meter , one 2 meter, one 2.2 meter and one 2.4 meter. The  second workshop has  one 3.2 meter wild double S high speed machine and 2.9 meter SSS high speed machine  with a monthly output of 1600 tons. And two high speed machines can produce 9 grams of non-woven fabric.The company has two warehouses  with a usable area  of 5,000㎡.

first workshop
It has 6 non-woven machines, 2 door frames of 1.6m, 1.7m, 2m, 2.2m and 2.4m
It has a 3.2m double s high-speed machine with a monthly output of 1250 tons. Among them, the thinnest 3.2m double s high-speed machine can produce 9g non-woven fabric.
There are seven eight color printing machines, three peritoneal machines, six cutting machines, seven bag making machines, with a daily output of 600000 bags. The company has 2 warehouses, with an area of 5000 square meters.